Twenty Thirteen


The 2013 theme for is colorful, opinionated, and ready to give your blog a warm, welcoming vibe.

Responsive, Device-agnostic Layout

What makes this theme really shine are the design details. Starting with a thoughtfully crafted responsive layout, Twenty Thirteen is intended to be viewed on any size device from smartphones and tablets up to the latest and greatest HiDPI screens. No matter how your readers decide to visit, it’ll remain good-looking, readable, and usable.

Beautiful Typography

To increase readable and attractiveness, Twenty Thirteen features two gorgeous display fonts, Source Sans Pro for body text and Bitter for headings. A symbol-font called Genericons is used to provide seamlessly scaling icons across the theme.

Post Formats Galore

Twenty Thirteen features the full range of post formats available in WordPress, each displayed beautifully in their own unique way.

Example of colorful post format display.

Example of colorful post format display.

Links, quotes, videos, audio clips, asides, statuses, images, galleries, and chats—whatever format you choose in the post editor. Each form is shown a bit differently than standard blog posts, including a unique background color and possibly different text treatment.

Twenty Thirteen showcases your lovingly crafted content with bold and unapologetic colors. Large, alternating swaths of color are intended to encourage posting a variety of formats—writing all kinds of different content on your blog: images, videos, quotes, links, and more. The colors corresponding to various formats are distinct yet complimentary—any combination of formats will result in a lush and attractive layout.


Twenty Thirteen works best without a sidebar, and is designed with a single column layout in mind. Not only does it enhance the groovy, full-width, and colorful look—it also puts full focus on your carefully crafted content. If you are a die-hard fan of widgets you may decide to take advantage of the footer widget area or optional sidebar.

Example of footer widget display.

Example of footer widget display.

Custom with Header Images and Colors

Make the design fully yours with a custom menu and custom header image. Change the color scheme by upgrading to Custom Design and using colors tools—a $30 yearly upgrade.

The best custom header images are decorative background images. The image will be cropped for small viewports (not scaled down like with Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten) to fit the available area fixed for height and width. This means header images that work best with this theme are abstract or decorative images like the three bundled header images.

Note: Twenty Thirteen does not have support for custom background image or color because the layout is 100% wide—meaning a background color would not show up on most display sizes.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 604
  2. Widgets in the footer widget area are 245 wide.
  3. The secondary sidebar width is 260.
  4. The header image size is 1600 wide and 230 high.
  5. The featured image and image post formats work best with images that are least 724 wide.