Triton Lite

Triton Lite is a clean and simple—yet versatile—theme designed with photographers in mind. Its home page and archive pages offer truly dynamic layouts that snap to both the heights and widths of all available content on a page, thus creating tight and tidy post arrangements that beautifully showcase your images.

Triton Lite: Index Page

Featured Post Slider

The theme has a dynamic featured post area (shown just below the site title on the home page) which is a snap to use: just add big featured images—at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height—to your Sticky Posts and you are good to go.

Triton Lite: Theme Options

Theme Options

Two theme options come bundled with Triton Lite: Accent Color and Link Color. When you choose a non-default Accent Color, both the navigation and footer areas change background colors with your selection. When a custom color is chosen for the Link Color, most links within the content areas of your site will change into your desired color.

Triton Lite: Accent Color Option Enabled

Three Widget Areas

When one or more widgets are placed in Triton Lite’s Primary Sidebar, the layout will change to accomodate the widget additions. The post and page content areas will be slimmer to allow for the addition of a sidebar.

Triton Lite: Sidebar Widgets Active

You are also able to add in Middle Row and Footer widget areas, which are completely optional and are displayed towards the bottom of each page on your site.

Triton Lite: Midrow and Footer Widgets Active

Custom Background and Header

Add a personal touch by uploading a Custom Header Image or by taking advantage of the Custom Background feature.

Custom Menus

One custom menu is supported in Triton Lite. The Primary Navigation Menu will fall back to a list of pages if it has not been manually configured and saved. Keep in mind that you also have the option to use any number of Custom Menus in your widget areas.

Full Width Page Template

Triton Lite comes with a full width page template, which means that even if you use sidebars throughout your website you will still be able to display full width page features on an as-needed basis.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main content column width is 960 without Primary Sidebar widgets and 620 with Primary Sidebar widgets.
  2. The Primary Sidebar width is 290.
  3. Middle Row widgets each have a width of 290
  4. Footer widgets each have a width of 200
  5. The custom header image dimensions are 960 by 270 (width, height).