Timepiece: Home Page

Timepiece is built to make your archives shine. Like a river of content, the theme will make going back in time easy peasy and show it all to you in glorious color and a simple, minimalist layout.

Custom Background and Header

Add a personal touch by uploading a Custom Header Image.

Timepiece: Header Image

Custom Menu

One custom menu is supported. The Primary Navigation Menu will fall back to a list of pages if it has not been manually configured and saved.

The Timepiece menu area area is somewhat narrow, so limiting the navigation menu to 3 or 4 items will give the best look and feel that’s closest to the theme’s demo.

Additionally, the menu will stick to the top of the browser window as you scroll down, making it easier to access the other parts of your blog as you float down the river of your blog’s content.

Post Formats

Six Post Formats are supported by Timepiece: aside, gallery, image, quote, status, and video.

Home Page and Archive Pages Content

This is how the home page and archive pages content output works:

  1. If a featured thumbnail is attached to a post, regardless of its format, then that image will be used as the right side of each post.
  2. If no featured thumbnail is attached to a post, then for image and gallery post format posts the first attached image found on the post will be used as its featured thumbnail.
  3. For aside, quote, status, and video posts normal content will be returned.
  4. Finally, for normal posts that are standard, only their excerpts will be used as content on the home page and archive pages.

This may sound a bit complicated! Hopefully by interacting with Timepiece’s home page and archive pages you’ll find that it all feels natural to you. The goal is for your content in all of its forms to be shown beautifully and the above steps will ensure that this happens.

Quick Specs

Custom Header (all measurements in pixels)

  • The header image dimensions are 1040 by flexible value (width, height). The header must be shown at 1040 wide but any height will do.

Content Width (all measurements in pixels)

  • Single post and page layout: 1000 maximum content width
  • Home page and archive pages: 500 maximum content width

Widgets are not currently supported by Timepiece, but it doesn’t mean that this will always be the case! The cool part about this theme is that it plans to evolve over the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for an enhancement that brings widget support to Timepiece in an interesting fashion.