The Morning After

The Morning After is a classic and popular magazine-style theme that has withstood the test of time. Based on its great success for self-hosted sites we’ve enabled it here on

Home Page

The Morning After sports a special home page template with featured posts, three available widget areas, and special styles for posts in the “Aside” format. To add posts as “Asides”, simply denote the post as an aside from the post editor under the “Format” menu.

To make posts appear as “Featured Posts” simply mark them as sticky posts.

In the Theme Options menu, under “Homepage” you’ll find settings for changing the title of the Featured and Aside areas.

Images on the Home Page

Featured Images are used on the home page (but not on single posts). The one “Latest Post” on the home page displays a featured image in a medium-sized format at 470 pixels wide.

The list of “Featured” posts on the home page use featured images as small thumbnails. You can control the thumbnail image size in Appearance → Theme Options under “Featured (Sticky) Posts Options” — the default size is 65 pixels.


The Morning After supports a custom menu and you can customize the look with a custom header and background. There’s also an optional full-width page template that removes the sidebar.

Use the robust Theme Options menu to customize the theme further:

  • General: RSS feed link in the menu, and show full or partial content on home and archive pages.
  • Homepage: Change the titles for Featured and Asides, and adjust the featured image thumbnail size.
  • Header Links: Add or remove links from the header menu. This menu is separate from your pages or custom menu, and if you leave the links blank it will not appear at all.
  • Template Headings: Change the text that appears at the top of each page type (home, 404, archives, et cetara).


This theme features a “Primary” sidebar which displays on all pages except for single images and pages using the full-width template. Two other widget areas, “Secondary” and “Home Page Feature Widget”, are used only on the home page. The feature widget is shown above the two home page widget areas, spanning the width of both columns.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 540 for the home and archive pages and and 750 for single posts and pages.
  2. The header image is 960 in width and 70 in height.
  3. Home page “latest post” featured image is 470 in width; “featured posts” on home page use a variable-width thumbnail (default is 65 square).