The Columnist

The Columnist blends big, bold Typography with a minimalist principals to produce a truly attractive design.

Custom Menu

The Columnist provides a single navigation menu which displays at the top of your site. This menu will support any level of dropdowns and can be configured by visiting the Appearance → Menus admin screen. It’s important to note that this menu will only appear in templates that display multiple posts. This includes your homepage, search, and all archive views. The menu will be omitted in single posts and pages allowing your readers to focus on your content rather then where to go next.

Custom Header

Add a personal touch to The Columnist by uploading a custom header image and the black box that appears in the top-left corner will be replace with your image. Your header image will be displayed at 140 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall. Here you will see the default header shown on the left and custom image shown on the right:

Custom Background

Further customize your site by choosing a custom background color or uploading a background image. Here a preview of The Columnist with both a light-blue background color:

Featured Images

If you assign a feature image to one of your posts it will display differently depending on which template you are viewing. For instance: on the home page as well as all other pages that display multiple posts, your featured image will appear cropped at 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall. In cases where your original uploaded featured image is 610 pixles wide or wider, it will also appear at the very top of single posts and pages.

Widget Areas

Four widget areas are provided enabling you to add your own custom content directly below the content area in single posts and pages. Widgets will not appear in any template where multiple posts are displayed.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The sidebar width is 210.
  2. The main column width is 450.