Sidekick is a Superhero child theme without the bells and whistles. It’s a clean, widget-free, single-column theme that looks great with any content, but excels at displaying panoramic featured images.

Panoramic Featured Images

Sidekick will display a post’s featured image, full browser width, if its aspect ratio is at least 3×1 (width x height) and its minimum width is 1500px. You can set featured images on the Post Editor page under Featured Image.

Custom Menus

Sidekick has a single, primary custom menu area in the header, that can be set up by going to Appearance → Menus.

Custom Header and Background

Sidekick features a Custom Header that can be set under  Appearance → Header. The background can also be customized under Appearance → Background.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 910
  2. Featured images must be at least 1500 wide and have an aspect ratio of 3x1 (width x height)