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Shelf screenshots

Be different.

Uniquely horizontal.

We threw out the rulebook when designing Shelf. Instead of a traditional vertical layout, Shelf scrolls horizontally, making it fun and easy for your audience to enjoy your website in a unique way. Shelf was designed specifically for touch devices. Swiping through the layout feels perfectly natural on a tablet or phone. The included keyboard navigation also makes traditional web browsing easy.

Shelf with custom style

Add some style.

Make it your own.

Personalizing your blog should be fun. We’ve leveraged the built-in WordPress customizer, so adding your own background image or color is simple. We’ve also included options to hide what you don’t need, like blog title, tagline, and background title. Combine these options with a custom background to get your blog looking just right.

Shelf audio post.

Watch. Listen. Read.

Share with your audience.

Shelf makes it simple to post any type of content: videos, quotes, links, images, and audio files. Each format has a unique style, tailored to the media you post. This makes for an extremely streamlined and enjoyable reading experience. Your fans will have a blast watching video, listening to music, and reading articles on your website.

Help and additional information

If you need help with Shelf be sure to read through the documentation by clicking the Support button at the top of the sidebar on this page. You can also ask us questions in the Shelf support forum.

Looking to buy Shelf for a self hosted website? The Theme Foundry builds WordPress templates for and you can purchase the Shelf theme for directly from their website.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The max image width is 396.

Posting videos

Select Video from the post format box and paste your embed code into the post content area. The video card is setup to hold videos that are 560 pixels wide.

YouTube Embed Code

Click on the box labeled 560 x 340 and copy / paste the embed code.

Vimeo Embed Code

Click on the “Customize embed options” link and set the width to 560 (the height will adjust automatically). We also recommend unchecking the “Show text link below video” option.

Posting quotes

Select Quote from the post format box and paste your quote into the post content area. Wrap your quote in <blockquote></blockquote> tags.

Posting links

Select Link from the post format box and paste your link into the post content area. Be sure to wrap your link in text in <a></a> tags.

Posting images

Select Image from the post format box and use the Set featured image link in the Featured Image box.

Posting audio

Select Audio from the post format box and upload your audio file via the upload audio icon at the top of your post editor. You may also add a description for your audio file in the post content area.

Adding new menu items to your top navigation menu

Be sure to read this tutorial:

Adding Post Formats (Video, Audio, etc.) to your top navigation menu

WordPress does not yet support the default post format categories (Video, Audio, etc.) as default menu items. As a temporary workaround, you may create your own custom menu items instead.

For example, to create a link to your Video posts in your navigation menu you would create a new Custom Link, name it Video, and link it to →

Looking for the self hosted version?

Browse our self hosted WordPress themes at The Theme Foundry website.