The Selecta Theme
With a featured posts slider on the front page, a wide, one-column template on image and video posts, and archives and search results displayed in gallery format, Selecta is well-suited for blogs that focus primarily on showcasing videos or images.

Featured Post Slider

Featured Post Slider
Add a touch of interactivity with your blog while showing off your amazing videos and images by showcasing your Sticky Posts with the featured posts slider. Turn it on in Appearance → Theme Options. After you enable the slider, it will appear at the top of your front page once you mark at least two posts as sticky. If you have just one sticky post, that post will stand on its own at the top of the page.

Latest Posts

Latest Posts
Let your readers see your most recent additions at a glance with the Latest Posts feature. When enabled, it will display your four latest posts in a nice row of rounded boxes just above the main content on the front page (and below the featured posts slider, if you’ve turned that on as well).

Image and Video Post Formats

Selecta was designed especially for people who wish to showcase videos and images on their blogs. To that end, when you create a post with either the video or image Post Format, the theme will display the post content in one wide column on single-post views. This allows your readers to watch and view your creations with minimal distractions.

Aside, Audio, Chat, Gallery, and Quote Post Formats

In addition to the video and image post formats, Selecta also applies special styling to aside, audio, chat, gallery and quote posts.

Color Schemes

Selecta lets you pick from six vibrant color options: blue (default), blue and black, red and black, green and black, sea blue and white rose. Set the color scheme in Appearance → Theme Options.

Archive and Search Results Pages

Archive View

Staying true to its showcase focus, Selecta arranges your archives and search results into a gallery format. The post title and date are shown along with the featured image in a nice little rounded box. If a post does not have a featured image, a short excerpt of the post content will be shown instead.

Widget Areas

Selecta comes with four widget areas — one in the left sidebar, and three in the footer. The footer widget area will appear only if you have added widgets to it.

Further Customization Options

Finally, Selecta lets you customize the appearance with a custom header image and a custom background.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Front page and non image or video posts: The main content is 560 and the sidebar is 290.
  2. Video and Image Posts, and single-image view: The main column width is 940.
  3. Header image is 940 in width and 150 in height.