The Quintus theme offers an air of old-style appeal, semi-academic graciousness with elegant typography, while also offering an overall fresh look with room for customization and the latest WordPress features under the hood. It has a balanced mix of serif and sans-serif type. The theme is also flexible and responsive, which means it adapts to smaller screen sizes out of the box.

Quintus comes with support for some post formats, including asides for short posts, quote posts, and link posts. The Link format grabs the first link found in the content of your post and makes the title direct the visitor there.

It’s also appropriate for different uses. Whether you are creating a blog with plenty of pictures or a more text centric blog, Quintus should suit you with elegance. It goes without saying, but it also comes with much of the newer functionality you are accustomed to, including custom backgrounds, custom menus, header images, and the option to publish short aside posts, among others.

Widgets and Layout

Quintus has no visible theme options, but if you want complete focus on the content, you can create a one column layout if you remove all the widgets from the sidebar in Appearance → Widgets. Likewise, you can restore the two-column design by adding widgets back in.

Custom Header, Background, and Menus

These are all yours to customize however you see fit to craft your personal blog to hold your content.

Custom header and background on display.

Notice: if you add a header image but don’t explicitly set a header text color in Appearance → Header, then Quintus wraps the title and description with a black textured background. To remove said black background you need to explicitly set a color. (Tip: if you still want a white blog title you could enter a #fefefe color value.)

Another Color Scheme

The archaic color style

Quintus offers an additional color style named archaic you can choose from Appearance → Theme Options.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column max width is 640, with a responsive design.
  2. The header image is 1100 by 250 (width, height).
  3. The main column on the full-width template for pages is 940.