If you’ve been itching to turn your blog into an online newspaper or magazine, Nuntius could be your perfect companion. Based on the highly-popular News theme by Justin Tadlock, Nuntius contains many features that help your readers to stay on top of all your latest scoop!

News Template

Upon activation, Nuntius displays your posts in a traditional blog format on the front page. If you’re happy with this, you can use it as is. If you’d like to showcase your content in a news-like fashion, then you can use the News Page template.

To activate the News template, just create a new Page called “News Page” and select “News Template” from the Page Attributes module. Publish the page, and then go to Settings → Reading. Set the “Home Page” option to “Static Page”. Select “News Page” as your home page and then choose another Page to serve as your blog page. Hit “Save”, and you’re set!

Featured Slider and Sidebar

Nuntius Featured Slider and Sidebar

The News Page template contains a featured section that highlights your latest and greatest content right at the top of the page! The nifty slider displays up to 6 of your latest Sticky Posts that have a Featured Image of at least 640 pixels wide. The slider will appear on the News Page template once you have marked at least two posts as Sticky.

To the right of the slider is a special featured widget area. For best results, drag one short widget into this spot to showcase content that you want your readers to see at a glance. If you do not add any widgets in this spot, Nuntius will default to a list of your top posts (ranked by the number of comments).

Featured Categories

Nuntius Featured Category
The News Page template displays posts from featured categories in blocks, arranged in alphabetical order by category name. Featuring categories is as simple as choosing a primary featured category in Appearance → Theme Options. To feature additional categories, go to Posts → Categories and assign your primary category as the “Category parent” of each additional category you wish to feature.

Up to ten of your remaining posts that do not appear in the slider or in any featured category will appear in the “More Articles” block.

No Duplicate Posts

The News Page template is smart enough not to repeat a post after it has already appeared in the slider or in a featured category block. This is helpful if you wish to assign posts to multiple categories.

Custom Menus and Additional Widget Areas

There are three Custom Menu areas in Nuntius — a primary menu area below the site title, a secondary menu area at the top of the page, and a third menu area in the footer.

Aside from the featured widget area on the News template, Nuntius also lets you add widgets in the header and in the right (Default) sidebar.

Tabbed Widget

Nuntius Tabbed Widget

The Nuntius Tabbed Widget displays your most commented posts and your latest posts as a set of tabs. It looks especially sharp when placed in either the right (Default) widget area or in the featured widget area.

Your News, Your Style

It’s easy to make Nuntius wear your favorite colors — just go to Appearance → Theme Options to customize the link color as well as the background color for your header and main menu.

Nuntius Colors

Customize even further with a Custom Background and Custom Header, available through Appearance → Background and Appearance → Header, respectively.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 560.
  2. The right sidebar width is 260.
  3. Header image is 980 in width and 155 in height.