Nishita is a simple, minimally-styled photoblogging theme with a choice of dark or light color scheme—the muted design puts all the focus on your photos. Not only is this theme designed for photos, it loves big photos: the default layout is super-wide at 1024 pixels.

Theme Options

Theme options include two layout choices: “Photoblog” at 1024 pixels wide, or “Blog” at 768 pixels wide. The same form also allows choosing the dark or light color scheme.

Reduced Photoblog Look

For a reduced photoblog look, where you showcase one photo at a time, you could change your reading settings to show one post per page, and thus only one image will show on your front page. Your site visitors would then navigate to older photos by using the navigation links below.

Thumbnail Archives

This photo-loving theme also uses post thumbnails to show a small version of images on your archive pages. Out of the box, the theme will crop the image attached to the post and make a thumbnail for you. If you prefer to crop your own thumbnail—or use a different image—use the Featured Image tool to set the alternate thumbnail image.

Widgets and Sidebar

Love widgets? Use the three footer widget areas to keep your photos full-width and the sidebar hidden. You can also add widgets to the “Primary Sidebar” to make a sidebar appear next to the main column—otherwise the sidebar will remain hidden on all pages.

Custom Appearance

Customize Nishita even more with the custom background feature, a custom header image, and a custom menu.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 1024 for the Photoblog layout, and 768 for the Blog layout.
  2. Header image size is 1024 by 295 (width, height).