Next Saturday

The Next Saturday Theme
Next Saturday is a bold, vibrant and playful theme that adds a touch of childlike innocence to your blog. Next Saturday was designed with Post Formats in mind. In addition to standard, text-based posts (the default format), you can create image, gallery, quote, aside, chat, audio, and video posts. Next Saturday will apply special styling to each of these posts so that they pop out from the rest of your content.

The Standard Format

The default post format displays your post content complete with the date and title.

A Standard Post (Default Format)

Image, Audio, Link, Quote, Aside, and Video Posts

When you create an image, audio, or link post, Next Saturday grabs the first image, audio file, or link from your post, respectively, and displays them in a cool box with subtle 3D effects. The quote and aside formats place your entire post content inside a 3D-style box. In addition, the aside format displays your Gravatar along with your post. When you create a video post, the post title is not displayed, so that your video gets full attention.

Note: You’ll need the Space Upgrade for your blog in order to upload audio files.

Chat Posts

Highlight a memorable conversation you had with a friend using the chat format. Next Saturday alternates between bold and non-bold text to make it a cinch to skim through the conversation. Just type each person’s line(s) in different paragraphs. You don’t even need to make the text bold yourself — Next Saturday takes care of this for you.

A Chat Post

Gallery Posts

The gallery format will highlight the latest image from the gallery, along with information about the gallery. Click on the image to view the entire gallery.

A Gallery Post

Custom Header and Custom Background

Personalize Next Saturday with your own Custom Background or Custom Header Image.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 510.
  2. On single image pages, the main column is 615.
  3. Header image is 615 in width and 85 in height.
  4. The sidebar width is 228.