This fun, colorful theme is flexible enough to fit any type of site—it’s simply loaded with options. It offers layout choices of one, two, or three columns, six color schemes, four footer widget areas, and support for six post formats. Not to mention built-in links to your favorite social networks in the header, a unique custom widget with quick-switching tabs, and special treatment for a “featured” post at the top of your front page.

Featured (“Sticky”) Post

One featured post will show up in the header if the post is set as sticky, has a featured image attached, and the featured image is at least 940 pixels wide. If you have more than one post that meets these criteria the most recent post will be displayed.

The featured post area will show in the header of every site page unless you expressly turn it off in Appearance → Theme Options; in that case it will only be displayed on the home page.

Featured Image Thumbnails

Small thumbnails (90 by 70 pixels) appear next to post titles on index, search, and archive pages if you set a featured image for the post.

Tabbed Widget

Mystique has a nifty custom widget called “Mystique Tabbed Widget” which displays your categories, tags, archives, most commented posts, and recent comments in a tabbed interface. Your site visitors can click between the items quickly and easy without reloading the page. Use this widget to reduce clutter in your sidebar and leave room for other widgets below.

Fun Social Links

Under “Social Icons” in Appearance → Theme Options choose the services you wish to show in your site header, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and RSS. The services each get a custom icon that links to the URL you choose for it.

Color Schemes

Mystique provides you with six color options: Blue, Green (default), Grey, Pink, Purple, and Red. Set the color scheme in Appearance → Theme Options.

Layout Options

Choose from six layout options in Appearance → Theme Options: Content-Sidebar (default), Sidebar-Content, Content-Sidebar-Sidebar, No Sidebar (full-width), Sidebar-Content-Sidebar, and Sidebar-Sidebar-Content.

Custom Appearance

Customize Mystique even more with the custom background feature, a custom header image, and a custom menu.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Content and one sidebar: The main column width is 604 with one sidebar of 310.
  2. Content and two sidebars: The main column width is 480 with two sidebars of 232.
  3. Full-width layout: The main column is 914.
  4. Header image is 940 in width and 200 in height.
  5. Featured images used are in two sizes: thumbnail at 90 by 70 and featured “sticky” post image at 940 by 240 (height, width).