Modularity Lite

Modularity Lite is a minimally styled photo theme with a Custom Header and Custom Background. Even though it’s minimally styled, the built-in grunge background and dark color give it a bit of edge. It’s perfect for blogs that want to showcase photos and aren’t afraid to bare their teeth.

The standout feature of Modularity Lite is its beautiful home page slideshow. Each photo in the slideshow will be a whopping 950 pixels by 425 pixels. That’s huge! To get it working, first click Yes! I’d like to enable the optional home page slideshow in Appearance → Theme Options from your dashboard and click Save Options. Next make sure some of your recent posts have really large images–at least 950 pixels by 425 pixels. It’s the first image in your post that will be used for the slideshow image. The number of slideshow images will match the number of blog posts showing on your home page. You can change that number from your dashboard at Settings → Reading.

And that’s it! Once you’ve started adding large images to your recent posts, the Modularity Lite theme will take care of the rest!

While you’re visiting Appearance → Theme Options there are a few more options you might want to check out.

You can choose whether or not to have a sidebar in your theme–no sidebar means more room for full-width photography–and fill out an optional Welcome Message. The Welcome Message will appear just above the optional slideshow.

Additional Color Scheme

Dark grunge not your thing? Perhaps the light grunge will suit your fancy. Modularity Lite offers a light color scheme that you can select in Appearance Theme Options.

Modularity Lite Light Color Scheme