iTheme2’s beautiful Apple-inspired design makes it the perfect theme for technology and Mac related blogs but it also has some really neat features – like a custom header image, custom background, alternate color schemes, and a really neat featured post carousel – that make it perfect for almost any blog.

Custom Header and Background

With iTheme2 you can add your custom header image from Appearance → Header. Here’s a peek at what that might look like with an image of a glacier in the header.

We can pretend the glacier image is comet ice so it fits in with the space-y background or we can just change the background to the image or color of our choice from Appearance → Background.

Alternate Color Schemes in iTheme2

iTheme2 gives you the choice of using one of three color schemes.

Just navigate from your dashboard to Appearance → Theme Options and make your pick.

Featured Posts in iTheme2

iTheme2 also lets you feature up to 30 posts in its featured post section on the home page.

All you have to do to activate is have a sticky post with a featured image. Once you have one, the featured post area will appear. If you have more than 5, navigation arrows will appear on the left and right. Your visitors can then click through to see all the posts you’ve featured.

Featured Images

Entries with a featured image will display that image above the entry title over the entire width of the content area.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 593.
  2. The sidebar width is 170.
  3. The custom image header size is 978 wide by 288 high.
  4. The large featured image size is 593 wide by 261 high.