Ideation and Intent

Ideation & Intent features beautiful typography, bright colors and clean lines. Your photos will get the royal treatment in the featured post area and custom image sidebar.

Homepage Display

The home page will display a list of your recent posts in reverse chronological order. The latest post uses a special template which displays the title, a large featured image, excerpt, and, the author’s Gravatar. The minimum recommended width and height for the large image is 520 px wide by 345 px high. If there are any images attached to this post they will be displayed in a neat little grid just below the excerpt. An example of the featured template can be seen below.

Featured Post Template

Each subsequent post uses a very minimal template that displays a small version of the featured image (96 px by 47 px), the post’s title, and meta information about the post. If no featured image is set for a post, the first attached image will be used in it’s place.

Minimal Post Template


A custom Images sidebar has been built into Ideation & Intent. This sidebar will display images from the latest 9 posts that have image attachments. Up to 8 images will be displayed for each post and each image links directly to the post it is attached to.

A second sidebar is available to use, but only if you choose to do so. You can customize its display by adding any number of widgets via Appearance → Widgets. Please note that this sidebar will only display if it has been populated with widgets. It will also be hidden when viewing single posts and pages.

Image sidebar shown on the left and widget sidebar shown on the right.

Custom Menu

Ideation & Intent provides a single navigation menu which displays at the top of your site. In the screenshot below, you will see that the menu is on the same line as the site title. If there is room, this is exactly where the menu will display. However, if the width of the menu and the width of the sidebar are larger than the width of the template, the navigation will display below the site title.

Menu shown on the right with only three links.

If you would like to ensure that the menu always displays along-side the site title, we suggest that you use a custom menu with just a few links on the top level. You can then add more links to sub-menus and Ideation & Intent will create dropdowns for you. Read more about custom menus.

Custom Header

Add some personal flair to this theme by uploading a custom header image. For best results, please upload an image that is at least 1124 pixels wide. Images can be of any height. Once your custom image is uploaded, you will be able to crop it to any height that you like. Read more about header images.

Custom Background

Customize your site by choosing a custom background color or uploading a background image. A transparent, textured image comes installed which enables you to choose a color that will inherit the subtle texture. If no texture is desired, click the “Remove Background Image” and your background color will display smoothly. Read more about custom backgrounds

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 525 except in single posts and pages where it’s 812
  2. Each sidebar is 227 wide
  3. Suggested header size is 1124  by 200
  4. The minimum recommended size for the featured image on the blog page is 520 by 345
  5. Small featured images on the blog page are 96 by 47