Hustle Express



Hustle Express is a freshly designed, spacious, cleanly styled, and responsive blogging theme. This theme has plenty of white space to help focus visitors attention on what is important: Your writing.

Easy to Customize

Hustle Express comes with the option to customize the header and the background that make it easy to fit Hustle Express to your site’s personality.

Hustle Express uses generous white space to help focus visitor attention on your content, and with circular placeholders for your post imagery to add an extra level of polish to your post displays.

Two Customizable Header Menus


Hustle Express also has two menu areas: a traditional page menu and a second (optional) menu at the top of the site. You can take control of these two areas in My Site → Menus by creating your own custom menus and assigning them to either menu location.

Post Formats


Enhance your site with Post Formats by displaying various types of content. Hustle Express includes support for the Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link and Chat Post Formats. More info about setting post formats here.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 638.
  2. The sidebar width is 340.

Setting a Custom Header Image

Add custom header to Hustle Express

You can add an image to your Hustle Express header space very easily. Launch the Customizer and click on the Header Image tab on the left and click the Add new image button to upload your header image.

Setting a Custom Background Image

Select custom background on Hustle Express

You can add a background image to your Hustle Express background very easily. Launch the Customizer and click on the Colors & Background tab on the left. Next click on the swatch for the current background color, and choose a color from the swatches below, or use the color picker to select your own custom color.

You can also select a background image instead, by clicking on the Select Image button, and uploading your own background image file.

Setting up your navigation menus

Custom menu for Hustle Express

By default the Hustle Express theme displays one navigation menu in your header space. There is also an optional secondary top navigation navigation menu you can activate.

You can customize these two navigation menus with menus that consist of pages, categories and external links all combined in whatever order you like. Go to My Site → Menus and start creating your own custom menus. You can assign your menu to either the Primary Menu area or the Top Menu area.

Find out more about this on the Custom Menu help page.

Featured Images

Featured Image set for Hustle Express

In the theme demo site, you will see a thumbnail displayed next to each blog post. You can set a custom image to display for your posts as well, by setting a Featured Image. When you create a new blog post in the editor, you can click on the Featured Image tab on the left and follow the steps to upload your image.