One of the most important events of your life might just be your wedding. It also might be one of the craziest, disorganized, mixed-up times of your life too. We’d like to help with that a bit with the free wedding theme we call Forever. Thanks to the handful of cool features we’ll get to below, Forever makes it easy to wrap your wedding up in a neat little blog on You can show off every one of your best photos and highlight every important detail leading up to the big day and beyond.

A Dramatic Personalized Home Page

Forever makes it easy to welcome your family and friends to your blog with a dramatic personalized home page. The design (based on the Colorway Theme) is bold and clean with lots of room for large, colorful photos of the happy couple (that’s you!) in an optional featured post slider and your four latest posts in a neat grid.

Post Slider

Featuring posts in a slider on your home page is easy. You just need sticky posts with Featured Images. Every sticky post you have (up to 10) that has a Featured Image (at least 888 pixels wide) attached will show up there. Easy!

Featured Images

On the home page, posts with Featured Images assigned will display with the excerpt, whereas posts without Featured Images will display the full content. You can always shorten full-content posts using the More Tag.


The tagline for your wedding blog appears only on your home page. You can change it from your dashboard at Settings → General.

Latest Posts

To display your four latest posts in a neat grid on the blog page – with a Featured Image above each one, if you’ve included it when creating the post – just visit Appearance → Theme Options and click the checkbox there.

Forever will also display your latest Quote or Status post in the footer of your blog. You can read more about how to do that on our Post Formats page.

Your latest quote post in Forever

Customize Forever

We know that getting everything to look just right for your wedding, colors included, is important so we made sure Forever was easy to customize. The background, header images, and even the link color, can all be up to you.

To change the background, visit Appearance → Background from your dashboard. If you only change the color Forever’s default background texture will update to match your new color.

You can add a custom header image to your site from Appearance → Header.

You can select your own custom link color from Appearance → Theme Options.

Forever also works really well with our Custom Design upgrade. Adding a custom font (available with the upgrade) is an easy way to make your blog look unique. Here’s what Forever can look like with a custom handwriting font for the title, a custom background, and a custom link color.

Forever with a custom background color, font, and link colors

Save the date!

Forever also sports a custom design for a new widget we call Milestone. You can find it in your blog dashboard at Appearance → Widgets and it’s pretty easy to use. Just pick a title for your event, a date and time, and a special message for the big day, and you’re ready to go. Now you have a special save the date widget for your Wedding on every page of your blog.

The Milestone Widget in Forever

Even More Features

We also built in a special Guestbook Template that lets your guests take over a page of your choice with their best wishes for you … and maybe a few embarrassing stories :) … as comments.

And, of course, Forever works seamlessly with all the other features you love: emails sent to your blog followers every time you post, contact forms (perfect for RSVPs), custom domain names (like instead of, and everything else.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 560 except in a full-width layout where it’s 890.
  2. The header image is 885 by 252.
  3. The sidebar width is 263.