Duotone is a brilliant photo-blogging theme with a twist! Much like a chameleon changes colors to blend in with its surroundings, Duotone’s colors will change to match the first image in every post and page. It really has to be seen to be believed so make sure you check out the demo.

If you prefer to have the background always display the same color, just navigate to Appearance → Background where you can choose any color to be used as the background for posts and pages. Please note that category, tag, archive and search screens will always use a white background.

Duotone also sports a nice widget area down at the bottom of the page perfect for three widgets of your choice. To appeal to the avid photographers, EXIF data is shown for photographs if it exists.

Check out the widget areas and EXIF data!

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The maximum width for horizontal images is 840.
  2. The maximum width for vertical and square images is 560.
  3. The column width for text is 315.

Duotone is the successor to our retired photo-blogging theme named Monotone. We strongly suggest that Monotone users upgrade to Duotone.