Crafty Theme

Crafty Theme

Crafty is a multipurpose blogging theme with a bright and playful design. It’s especially suitable for blogs about arts and crafts, teaching, housekeeping, and food. Or — anything else you can think of. Have fun with it.

Post Formats

Add visual interest with post formats. Crafty supports the Aside, Image, Link, Quote, and Video post formats.


Crafty rocks a left sidebar for widgets, which you can add by going to Appearance → Widgets in your Dashboard. The theme distinguishes the first widget with a bright blue background color, so be sure to drop something special there.

Custom Header and Background

As always, sign your theme with your personality by adding a custom header image or a custom background image or color.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 560 except in the full-width page template, where it’s 780
  2. The sidebar width is 180