Clean Home

If you are looking for a minimal yet fully functioning theme, or if you are just the type of person who enjoys simple and uncluttered looks on a theme, you may find Clean Home gladly fitting your needs. This theme is crisp and structured, wielding a traditional two column layout with two widgets areas.

But don’t let Clean Home’s simple looks deceive you since it hides some great functionality under the hood to help you personalize how your site looks.

Color Schemes

You can choose from four different color schemes, including a “snowy” and a “sunny” look —so both northern and southern hemisphere people out there can rejoice. There is also a dark palette.

Header and Background

You can further customize the look of your site with the Custom Background functionality and a Custom Header. If you pair such options with the color schemes, you may have even more variations!


Clean Home has two widget areas, one sidebar on the right and a header area to display bigger pieces. You can use the latter to have some highlighted text or bio, whatever you decide since it works with all regular widgets —just keep in mind that not all will fit there comfortably.

The header widget area populated with a Text Widget.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Main column width is 590, sidebar width is 250.
  2. Custom header image dimensions are 900 by 200 (width, height).
  3. Full Image template is 900 (max-width).