If you are looking for a theme that is clean and especially typographically pleasing, look no further — Chateau may be what you are looking for. An elegant, minimalist theme, Chateau sports a classic look — but under the surface it’s packed with cool features that will help you to customize your blog how you like.

Light or Dark Color Schemes

Make Chateau your own with your choice of light or dark color schemes with one click in Appearance → Theme Options.

Color schemes

Custom Accent Color

Accent Color Option With the Chateau theme you can set your own accent color for links in Appearance → Theme Options, which is used in several places throughout the theme.

Multiple Layouts

Chateau features three default layouts for your blog. Two of those layouts feature a typical sidebar, either on the left or right of your content. If you don’t need the sidebar you can choose the third layout to utilize the whole width with your blog posts.

Multiple Archive Styles

You can choose to display your archives in either the “detail” or “concise” format. The “detail” format is the standard blog layout. The “concise” format displays only the title and the first 20 words from each post so that your readers may view your posts at a glance.

Detail Format

Concise Format

Post Formats

Chateau Post FormatChateau includes special styles for Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Gallery Formats. For the latest post on home page and archive page with the detail format enabled, asides get a simplified look that seamlessly fits between full-length posts, while galleries give a peek at the photos that lie within. Other formats have simplified post meta, and each formatted post includes a notation and a link to the archive for that particular Format above the title.


Besides the sidebar, Chateau has five widget areas in the footer.

Custom Headers

You can upload your favorite image to the header to put your stamp on your blog. You can even use a different custom header image for each post by including a Featured Image when you publish a new post.

Custom Background

If the dark and light color schemes are not your taste, you can customize the background with a custom background image or color to personalize the look.

Quick Specs:

  1. Content and one sidebar: The maximum content width is 529 pixels.
  2. Content and no sidebar: The maximum content width is 791 pixels.
  3. Full-width layout: The main column is 960 pixels.
  4. The maximum sidebar width is 188 pixels.
  5. The header image is 960 pixels wide and 262 pixels high.
  6. The maximum width for images on attachment pages is 791 pixels.
  7. Featured images need to be at least 960 x 260 pixels to be displayed. Smaller sizes, while uploading, will not display on the front-end.