Need a website for your book? Or are you looking for a unique style for your blog? Chapters is perfect for those who want to present their writings in a book like fashion, where each blog post becomes a chapter of its own. Navigating through your chapters is easy and the design focuses on showing off your content in an easy to read way.

Easy to Setup and Customize

Chapters comes with a set of theme options that make it easy to fit Chapters to your site’s unique personality. From Appearance → Theme Options you can set the color scheme, upload a logo and control the settings to make Chapters work on your blog. The theme has two widgetized sidebars on the left and right so you can easily add widgets via Appearance → Widgets.

10 Exciting Color Schemes

As noted above, Chapters has multiple color schemes—10 of them! Just one more feature that can help make Chapters the perfect fit for your site.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 400.
  2. The sidebar width is 220.
  3. The header image is 960 wide and 100 high.

Chapters theme documentation

Adding a logo

You can add an image logo to your Chapters header space very easily by navigating to your “Appearance > Theme Options” in your WordPress backend and select the “General Settings” tab. Then click on the “Upload” button under the Custom Logo header.

Changing styles

Navigate to your “Appearance > Theme Options” in your WordPress backend and select the “General Settings” tab. Then select the theme stylesheet you’d like to use from the drop down menu.

Setting up your ‘Chapters’ menu

The unique selling point of Chapters is how it displays your blog posts as ‘Chapters’. Navigate to “Appearance > Theme Options” and select the “Layout Options” tab – There you can select whether the post order is oldest posts first, or latest posts. Some people would prefer to display oldest posts first as they would have written “chapter 1” first.

You then have the option to specify how many posts must appear along the top bar – – and how many must appear in the Chapters drop down menu –

You can change the order of your chapters by changing the blog post publish date.

If you have more chapters along the top bar then the length of your website forward and back arrows will appear for horizontal scroll.

If you want a blog post to not appear as a chapter make it fall out of the number of posts (date range) you’ve set in the layout options. You could possibly create a separate post category to house these posts and link to it from the other top navigation menu documented below.

Setting up your navigation menu

There is an optional top navigation menu with the Chapters theme, placed right at the top of your website. You can customize this menu with links that consist of pages, categories and external links all combined in whatever order you like.

Navigate to “Appearance > Menus” to create and assign your menu – Find out more about this on the Custom Menu documentation page.