Blogum Screenshot

Blogum is a clean and minimalist theme that allows your reader to focus on your content. The beauty of this theme is its simplicity. The grid-based design organizes your blog to present in a modern style.

Post Formats

Blogum includes special styles for Aside, Image and Gallery post formats.


Blogum supports a widget area in the right sidebar.

Nice styling feature

Blogum has a nice styling feature for Heading Six. You can display part of your content outside of the main column with the H6 tag. (Max 145px wide)

Custom Appearance

You are able to customize Blogum with the custom background feature, a custom header image, and a custom menu.

No Sidebar Pages

Optionally hide the sidebar on pages using the “Full-width, no sidebar” template option when creating or editing a page. Content on pages using this template will span the entire width of the layout.

Quick Specs:

  1. The maximum content width is 545 pixels.
  2. Full-width layout: The main column is 785 pixels.
  3. The maximum sidebar width is 225 pixels.
  4. The header image is 945 pixels wide and 150 pixels high.
  5. The maximum width for images on attachment pages is 785 pixels.