Blocco is Italian for “block” which seemed like a suitable name for this unique block-style theme. The home and category pages display your posts in “blocks” which makes it really easy to navigate and interesting to look at. Blocco was designed specifically with blogging in mind, but works perfectly for photos and video as well.

Beautiful Photos and Video


Photo posts in Blocco utilize the Featured Image functionality in WordPress to showcase an individual photograph within each “block” and at the top of each single post. Video posts do the same by showcasing your video perfectly at the to of each single video post.

Perfectly Responsive

blocco-iphoneThe Blocco theme includes a responsive design which means that your viewing experience will always be perfect no matter what your screen size is (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop). This is also where the block-style layout shines through. If you would prefer not use the mobile optimizations, you can easily disable them within your WordPress admin.

Customization Options

The Blocco theme includes compatibility with the WordPress theme customizer. You can customize your theme background image and/or color, upload a custom logo and/or change the logo font color. You can change how your menus are displayed and positioned as well as add or remove custom menu items (links, posts, pages). Finally, you can customize how your posts and pages are displayed and formatted.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Full width content is 660.
  2. Content with one sidebar is 420
  3. Block is 219

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How to create a video post?

Creating a video post is easy! If you would like to feature the video at the top of the post as seen in the theme demo, learn how below.

  1. Create a Post
  2. Add a Title
  3. Insert a supported video URL into the content area.
  4. Set post format to “Video” via the Format meta box.

How to create an “Image Block”?

To display an image in a block rather than the title, you can simply set a Featured Image for that post. When this is done, the image will display in the post and the title will display upon hover.

You’ll notice in the theme demo there are a few colored links at the top of the navigation. This is achieved using WordPress Menus, Custom Links, and applying a special CSS class name.

CSS classes are an advanced menu property that allow you to apply a CSS class to individual menu items. Turn on the CSS class capability, by clicking the Screen Options drop down at the top-right of your screen, and check the boxes for CSS Classes. To add a color to a menu item, simply apply one of the following class names to a custom link: green, light-blue, dark-blue, charcoal, pink, orange, or red.