Blissful Blog

Share your wedding day or your wedding portfolio with grace and style. The Blissful Blog is a beautifully designed wedding photography template for couples, photographers, and industry professionals.

Full-Width Featured Content Slider

Focus on your favorites with the graciously sized, full-width Featured Content Slider. To setup, add a featured post tag in Appearance → Customize → Featured Content, set a featured image on your favorite posts and tag them with the featured tag you chose.

Full-Width Page Template

Take advantage of the full-width of your pages, without a sidebar, by selecting the “Full Width” template under Page Attributes.


Blissful Blog offers a sidebar template on single page, archive, and search views, and three footer widget areas on any page. You can assign widgets to each of these areas by going to Appearance -> Widgets.

Custom Header

Blissful Blog provides the ability to upload a Custom Header Image above (or in place of) your site’s title and description. The Custom Header can be set in Appearance -> Header.

Custom Menu

If you’d like to customize the centered navigation in your header, setup a custom menu by going to Appearance -> Menus.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 760 except in the two-column layout where it’s 495
  2. The primary sidebar width is 231
  3. The three footer sidebar widths are 231 each
  4. The Featured Content Slider images are a minimum of 920 wide by 640 tall