Ascetica is minimal, spacious, elegant, and responsive. It provides a clean way to showcase and support your content, and supplies enough customization to easily suit your own style.

Featured Post Slider

Showcase up to 10 of your favorite posts in the responsive slider by marking the post as sticky and setting a featured image that is at least 660px wide.

Featured Image Banner

Add a banner to single posts and pages by setting a featured image that is at least 660px wide.

Custom Appearance

Help make Ascetica fit just right with your own custom backgroundcustom header, or custom navigation menu.

Widget Areas

With a primary right sidebar widget area, an accent left sidebar widget area, and four optional footer widget areas, Ascetica comes stocked with plenty of space to support your content in a number of configurations. You can setup your sidebars in Customize → Widgets.

The Primary Sidebar displays a search bar by default, and the Left Sidebar displays search, archives, and meta widgets by default if no widgets are configured in Customize → Widgets.

Responsive Design

Ascetica responds to whatever device your users choose to view your site – displaying a consistent look and feel for your blog across a variety of resolutions.

Quick Specs

  1. The main column width is a maximum of 461 pixels wide.
  2. The Featured Post Slider images must be at least 660 pixels wide and have a recommended 330 pixel height
  3. The Featured Post banner images must be at least 660 pixels wide
  4. The custom header image width is a maximum of 660 pixels wide.