Arcade is a fully responsive theme that’s perfect for photographers, businesses, and bloggers. Grab your visitors’ attention right away with a large featured header image which resizes to fit the browser window — perfect for a product landing page! Use the widget area on the home page to feature your content with the unique Icon & Text widget.

From Desktops to Handheld Devices

Many people now access the internet from a mobile device, so why not make sure that your site will looks its best no matter what? Arcade is built using a responsive grid so that as the window size shrinks, elements will adjust accordingly. Whether it’s on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Nexus tablet, your site will always look amazing.


Home Page Widgetized Area

One of the greatest features of Arcade is the widgetized home page top area.


This is where you can use the included Icon & Text widget to display any content that you want to appear right at the top of your site. Go to the Appearance → Widgets admin page to configure things.


Layout Options

Arcade gives you the option to select either one or two sidebars, and place them on the left, right or separated (meaning content in the middle). Every post and page even comes with a full-width option to remove the sidebars completely. Check out the Customizer to play with the layout options.

Improved Typography with Google Fonts

For a long time, websites had to use boring old web-safe fonts for all their text. Thanks to modern browsers and resources like Google Fonts, you can now rely on beautiful fonts to improve your website’s typography to make it easier on the eyes. Arcade uses Open Sans for all text, Raleway for all headers, and Megrim for the site name.

Post Block Page Template


Create an impressive looking block of posts on your home page instead of the default single post stream using the custom Post Block page template. Create a page and select the template from the dropdown list, then set your home page to display that page as your static front page.

Post Formats

Not all content is the same, that’s why Post Formats each have a unique look and feel. Check out the gallery below for some examples.

Social Menu


Making sure that your visitors know where else they can find you online is extremely important. Arcade comes with an easy-to-use social menu which allows you to include links to the most popular social sites. All you need to do is go to Appearance → Menus.


Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. Site width is 1200.
  2. Main content width is 750 with one sidebar or 550 with two sidebars.
  3. Layout options include 1, 2 or 3 columns.
  4. Max header image size is 1800 by 1200.

The Customizer

All theme options for Arcade are controlled under Appearance → Customize. From there, you can modify layout, Background ColorHeader Image, Custom Menus, and more.



To add a logo, click No Image to activate the image uploader. Drag over your chosen image or select it through the file picker to upload it.

Site Title Arc

Arcade uses Arctext.js to create a cool curved effect on your site title. The space and rotation for each letter is calculated using the Arc Radius and the width of the site title. If you don’t want your site title to arc, leave the field blank.

Header Icon

You can choose from over 400 different Font Awesome icons for display in your site header. Click View Icons to see a list of all the available icons. Clicking on an icon will select it. To remove it, just click Remove Icon.

Sidebar Layout

The Sidebar Layout section gives you the option to choose from having your sidebar on the left or right. To display two sidebars, first add a widget to the second sidebar under Appearance → Widgets. Once that’s done, the two-sidebar option will appear in the Sidebar Layout section.


You can choose whether to show or hide each post’s categories, author, date, and comment count. Just check whichever ones you want to appear. This setting applies to posts with standard, video, audio, image, and gallery Post Formats.

The Extended Footer

To display an extended footer that will let you add more widgets, go to Appearance → Widgets and add at least one widget to the Extended Footer widget area.


You can include a copyright notice or banner ad in the footer by adding a text widget to the Footer Notice area on Appearance → Widgets.

Custom Menus

Arcade includes two Custom Menu locations: the Primary top menu and the Social menu.

To add a navigation menu to the header, go to Appearance → Menus. By default, a list of categories will appear in this location if no custom menu is set.

Clicking on a top-level link in the primary navigation will open up one dropdown list of sub-menu link.

Social Menu

To use the social menu, go to Appearance → Menus and create a new menu. Call it “Social” just to make it easy to remember. Use the Link panel on the left to add any of the following social sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Dribbble
  • GitHub
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Bitbucket

Once you’ve added the social sites you want with a link to each profile – like – check the Social box at the bottom of the menu and click Save Menu.

Your social links will now be displayed in the site footer.


Full-Width Post/Page

To set a full-width post or page, meaning one without any sidebars, check the box in the Layout panel when you’re editing the post or page in the dashboard.


Custom Header Image

You have an option to display a custom header image on each of your posts and pages, through the Custom Header Image panel. Click Set Image to open the media library and select an image or upload a new one. Click Update or Publish when you’re done.


If you don’t set a custom header on a page or post, your default header image will be displayed instead, if you selected one.

Homepage Top Widget Area


The section where the four widgets appear on the homepage will only display once a widget is added to the Homepage Top Area in Appearance → Widgets. The demo uses the custom Icon & Text widget that comes with Arcade to display an icon accompanied by text. You can even have the icon and text link to a page or a post, by adding a URL in the field provided.

Post Block Page Template


On the homepage of the demo, the lower section is comprised of four posts displayed in a grid block. You can create this look on your homepage by creating a static front page and assigning the Post Block page template to it.

Pull Quotes

You can easily include a pull quote within your text by using the following code within the Text/HTML editor:

<blockquote class=”pullquote”>This is a pull quote that will appear within your text.</blockquote>

You can also align it to the right with this code:

<blockquote class=”pullquote alignright”>This is a pull quote that will appear within your text.</blockquote>