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Anthem theme screenshots

Clean and focused.

Sharing made simple.

Anthem was designed with an intense focus on simplicity. We cut out the cruft and obsessed over all the small details. Everything was about the work and the words. We think the result is a perfect fit for artists, photographers, or other creatives looking for a clean blog design to share their images, videos, music, and articles.

Anthem styling

Add some style.

Make it your own.

Personalizing your blog should be fun. We’ve leveraged the built-in WordPress customizer, so adding your own background image or color is easy. We’ve also included options to hide what you don’t need, like author’s name, categories, and post navigation. Combine these options with a custom background to get your blog looking just right.

Anthem music post screenshot

Watch. Listen. Read

Share with your audience.

Anthem makes it simple to post any type of content: videos, quotes, links, images, galleries, audio files, and even chats. Each format has a unique style, tailored to the media you post. This makes it easy and enjoyable for your audience to watch video, listen to music, and read articles.

Help and additional information

If you need help with Anthem be sure to read through the documentation by clicking the Support button at the top of the sidebar on this page. You can also ask us questions in the Anthem support forum.

Looking to buy Anthem for a self hosted website? The Theme Foundry builds WordPress templates for and you can purchase the Anthem theme for directly from their website.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Anthem is a flexible-width, responsive design.
  2. The main column maximum width is 1240.

Using Keyboard Navigation

Anthem supports keyboard navigation on your home page (to move between newer/older articles) and on galleries (to move between images). Just use the left and right arrow keys to shift between pages or images!

Posting overview

Anthem takes full advantage of the new custom post formats in WordPress. Whenever you create a new post, choose an appropriate post format, and follow the instructions below.

Posting articles

Articles work just like regular WordPress posts, just leave the post format set to Standard and go!

Posting images

Select Image from the post format box and use the Set Featured Image link in the Featured Image box.

Posting galleries

Select Gallery from the post format box. Then, upload your image files via the upload image icon. Insert your gallery into the content, and add a description to the content (optional). Your images will now show using Anthem’s native slideshow display.

Would you like to autostart your gallery? If yes, please read through the section of this theme’s documentation about enabling gallery autostart.

Of course, you can also use the default WordPress gallery in the Standard post format.

Enable slideshow on page templates or non-gallery posts

To enable a slideshow on a page or non-gallery post, add your gallery; then, paste the following shortcode into your page content, replacing the default [gallery] shortcode:

[gallery slider="true"]

Using the regular [gallery] shortcode will remove the slider styling and return to the default WordPress gallery.

Enable gallery autostart

To autostart a slideshow within a gallery post, add your gallery; then, paste the following shortcode into your post content, replacing the default [gallery] shortcode:

[gallery autostart="true"]

To autostart a slideshow within a page template or non-gallery post, include autostart=”true” into the shortcode, like so:

[gallery autostart="true" slider="true"]

Enable gallery image captions

By default, any text added to the Caption field of images in a gallery slideshow is hidden. To have these captions appear beneath their images as the slideshow cycles, you simply need to add captions="true" to the gallery shortcode, similar to the autostart option above. So in a gallery post the full shortcode would look like this:

[gallery captions="true"]

In a page template or non-gallery post it would look like this:

[gallery slider="true" captions="true"]

And, of course, this option can be combined with the autostart option too:

[gallery slider="true" captions="true" autostart="true"]

Posting links

Select Link from the post format box and type your link title into the post content editor. Now highlight the text you just entered and create your link by clicking the “link” icon. The actual post title will be ignored and only the linked text you enter will be shown.

Posting audio

Select Audio from the post format box and upload your audio files via the upload audio icon at the top of your post editor. You may also add a description for your audio files in the post content area.

Posting video

Select Video from the post format box. Make sure you are editing in HTML mode, and paste your embed code into the post content area.

Posting quotes

Make sure your content editor is empty to begin with. Then, select Quote from the post format box. The content editor will be populated with a space for your quote as well as the name of your source – fill in this template, and your quote will be styled correctly.

Posting chats

Make sure your content editor is empty to begin with. Then, select Chat from the post format box. The content editor will be populated with a template for your chat, which you can fill in with your own content. If you need to add more lines to your chat, change to HTML mode on your editor, and copy/paste however many

<li class="odd"><span class="label">Person A: </span>Said something

lines you need. Just make sure to alternate ‘even’ and ‘odd’ on the classes to get proper styling.

Post Display

Anthem allows easy removal of the author and categories from the post display. Navigate to Appearance → Theme Options, and check the appropriate options to prevent the author or categories from showing up on all posts.

Footer Subscribe Links

This is simple and straightforward. Enter the full links to your Twitter, Flickr and Facebook pages, and you’ll have icons in the footer for each.

Image styling

By default, WordPress wraps everything in a <p> tag unless it is wrapped by something else. </p><p> tags within blog posts are limited to a width of approximately 65% (via Anthem’s CSS). To get an image within blocks of text to expand the full width of the article you’ll need to upload or use an image 600px wide (or larger) and wrap it like so in the HTML editor:

<div class="large">
<img src="/path/to/image/image.jpg" alt="image" />

Using the class of “large” is not necessary; it just needs to be wrapped in a div.

To float images in a standard post and utilize Anthem’s custom styling you’ll need to wrap images with a

in HTML editing mode, like so:


<div class="r-float">
<img src="/path/to/image/image.jpg" alt="image" />


<div class="l-float">
<img src="/path/to/image/image.jpg" alt="image" />

List styling

By default, Anthem adds bullets and numbers to unordered (ul) and ordered (ol) lists. You can remove bullets or numbers from lists by adding a class of “normal” in HTML editing mode.

<ul class="normal">
<li>List item</li>
<li>List item</li>

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