The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

Choose your own adventure

Six theme styles

The Great Adventure offers six color schemes which you can select by going to Apparance → Theme Options. To help you pick a style, first decide if you prefer to go airplane-style or space-style. Then, choose from one of three color schemes offered for each style.

Custom Header and Background Images

Customize further with a Custom Header Image and a Custom Background.

Shorter Site Titles

To have your site look more like the demo, here is a quick tip: the airplane style works best with shorter site titles.

Seven widget areas

The Great Adventure comes with up to seven widget areas – one in the right sidebar, three in the footer, and three hidden behind a secret toggle compartment. To open and close the secret toggle widget compartment, click the arrow to the right of the main navigation menu.

The Great Adventure "Hidden" Widget Area

The Great Adventure “Hidden” Widget Area. Click the arrow to the left of the menu to open and close the widget area.

The footer widget area and the toggle widget area will only appear if you add at least one widget to them. You can add widgets to all widget areas by going to Appearance → Widgets.

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