On a Whim


Widget Areas

Special Widget Styling

Special Widget Styling

On a Whim includes one primary sidebar. Add your favorite widgets by going to Appearance → Widgets. If you add multiple widgets, every other widget will appear inside a cool box with a little heart icon above it.

Custom Menus

On a Whim features two custom menu areas — a primary menu in the header, and an optional secondary menu in the footer. Create and add menus by going to Appearance Menus.

Post Formats

On a Whim supports the following post formats: Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Gallery.

Social Icons

From the customizer, you can add optional links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. These links will appear as icons in two places: to the right of the main menu in the header, and in the left column of the footer area (below the footer menu if you have a footer menu active).

Custom Header and Custom Background

Custom Header ImageOn a Whim supports a small, 80-pixel wide custom header image that appears in the right column, above the sidebar. Smaller images really work best —it’s meant to serve as a logo, or identifying mark. If you don’t add a custom header image, On a Whim will display your Gravatar by default.

Upload a custom header image under Appearance → Header, and set a custom background color or image by going to Appearance → Background.

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