Newsy: Home Page

Theme Options

Newsy: Theme Options

Newsy comes with an impressive set of Theme Options that afford you a great deal of flexibility with how you choose to display your website.

Easily control your site’s sidebar positions, home page and archive page post layouts, and navigation bar search box visibility.

With Newsy’s Theme Options panel you also have the ability to change your site-wide link and accent colors.

Setup your Site Like The Newsy Demo

To Setup your site like the Newsy demo, simply go to Appearance > Theme Options. From there, copy the following settings:

Accent Color and Link Color
These are set to the default colors.

Default Sidebar Layout
Choose ‘Narrow — Wide’ for your sidebar layout.

Default Home Page & Archive Page Content Layout
Select ‘two columns’ as your content layout.

Primary Navigation Search Box
Have this option checked if you would like the primary search box to be displayed.

Be sure to save your changes.

Newsy: Accent and Link Color Options

A few quick adjustments via the options panel will truly have the effect of individualizing your site and making it stand out from the crowd.

Custom Background and Header

Add a personal touch by uploading a Custom Header Image or by taking advantage of the Custom Background feature.

Newsy: Custom Header

When the Custom Background feature is enabled the navigation bar will change to a fixed width (978 pixels wide) configuration to allow for the background to be nicely displayed without visual interruption.

Newsy: Author Template

Author Archives

On websites with multiple authors there will be links to individual author archives. Each archive will feature its respective author’s Gravatar along with a link to the user’s site (specified on the Personal Settings page).

Custom Menus

Two custom menus are supported. The Primary Navigation Menu will fall back to a list of pages if it has not been manually configured and saved, while the Footer Navigation Menu will only be displayed if it has been manually configured and saved.

Newsy: Full Width Page Template

Full Width Page Template

Newsy comes with a full width page template, which means that even if you use sidebars throughout your website you will still be able to display full width page features on an as-needed basis.

The Newsy Footer

Up to four different widget areas and a custom footer menu are support in Newsy. These features are entirely optional and intelligently respond to your Custom Menu and Widgets settings without needing any additional intervention in the way of Theme Options.

Newsy Sidebar Layout Option: Wide Sidebar Left, Narrow Sidebar Right

Multiple Widget-Responsive Layouts

Up to ten different layouts in Newsy can be achieved by simply altering your widgets and Theme Options. A wide sidebar, narrow sidebar, and two mini sidebars come rolled into Newsy, as well as additional post display and sidebar alignment options. All of this is controlled either from within Appearance → Widgets or Appearance → Theme Options. The goal with Newsy is maximum flexibility without the headache of manually configuring a thousand theme options.

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