The header section displays above the sidebar on the right side of the template. You may choose to upload a custom header image with a width of 250 pixels. You are able to adjust the height of the image to your taste immediately after you upload it.

Custom Menu

A custom menu will appear below the header and many contain as many links as you like. You can customize the list of links displayed here by navigating to Appearance → Menus. If no menu is configured, this section will display a list of published pages. Nested menu items are supported three levels deep and will always be displayed.


There is a single widget area which displays directly below the menu section in the right-hand sidebar. Navigate to Appearance → Widgets to customize this section.

Images, Blockquotes, and Video

Images, blockquotes, videos, and many shortcodes will appear larger than surrounding content. For a stunning effect, upload and image that is 690 pixels wide or larger and it will appear to break out of the content on both the left and right-hand sides. Thinner images will appear to be pulled to the left. You can also choose “Right” under the Alignment section of the Add Media screen and the image will appear pulled to the right. Read more about image alignment.

Archive Display

Date, category, and tag archive pages are designed in a very minimal fashion. Only the post’s title and the date it was posted will be displayed here.

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