A Simpler Time

A Simpler Time is a theme that’s beautiful, bold, and memorable—pretty much exactly like the types of stories you’ll be writing alongside it on your WordPress.com blog.

While setup is easy, below are some tips to help get you started.


Add Your Own Custom Header or Custom Background

Add a personal touch by uploading a Custom Header Image or by taking advantage of the Custom Background feature.

A Simpler Time: Custom Header Image

Add a Featured Image to your Post

A Simpler Time supports Featured Images just above your post content.

To set a featured image, open the editor of the post or page where you want to display a unique custom header image, and locate the Featured Image module in the bottom right corner under Page Attributes. Click Choose a Featured Image.

You will see an uploading screen identical to that used when inserting an image into a blog post. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose the image from your computer and upload it or choose it from one of the images already in your Media Library.

Once the image has successfully been uploaded, you’ll see one or more images displayed as thumbnails. Click on the one you want to use as a featured image. It will then appear outlined in blue with a checkmark. If desired, you can add a caption and alt text under the Attachment Details area (optional).

Next, click the button Set Featured Image:


Don’t forget to click Update on your post/page to save your changes. Your featured image is now set!

Custom Menus

Two custom menus are supported. The Primary Navigation Menu will fall back to a list of pages if it has not been manually configured and saved, while the Footer Navigation Menu will only be displayed if it has been manually configured and saved.

A Simpler Time: Custom Footer Menu Active

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