Selling Premium Themes on

The Overview

Here’s a brief overview of what provides for premium theme sellers:

  • An even revenue split, revenue-monitoring tools, theme-pricing experiments, and no arbitrary limits on theme prices
  • Pre-launch code reviews and post-launch emergency maintenance
  • Custom Design upgrade support, which includes Custom Fonts, Custom Colors, and Custom CSS
  • Theme promotion on the network

Here’s what Theme Shops need to provide:

  • Awesome premium themes
  • Amazing customer support
  • Theme updates and bug fixes

Theme Licensing

Your themes and all their accompanying assets are GPL-licensed (or have a compatible license) everywhere, just like WordPress.

Theme Development

You should have the following tools in place for theme development:

Pre-Submission Checklist

Make sure you do the following before submitting your themes to

  • Review our Theme Guide
  • Pass the Theme Check
  • Pass the VIP Scanner
  • If you’re using an option framework, remove it — your theme will be simpler to use (well-designed options in the customizer are OK)
  • Validate, Sanitize, and Escape any user data
  • Make sure any scripts are expanded (not minified) for easier visual auditing
  • Take care of those PHP fatals, errors, warnings, and notices
  • Make sure your style.css header has a proper theme name, theme URI, author, description, version number, license declaration, text domain, and domain path — See _s for an example
  • Remove any custom color options: has a Custom Colors upgrade all themes can take advantage of
  • Remove any custom font options: has a Custom Fonts upgrade all themes can take advantage of
  • Remove any custom post types that aren’t Jetpack-compatible

Ready to launch a theme? Let us know!