Photographer features a beautifully minimal design with a focus on photography. It’s a professional portfolio and photo blogging solution for serious photographers and artists. The theme features the ability to create endless slideshows and portfolios. Photographer is sure to satisfy the website needs of all shutterbugs.

Flexible Portfolio Options


Creating as many portfolios as desired is an easy process with Photographer. Portfolios can be displayed in a 1, 2 or 3 column layout. In addition, the title and content associated with each portfolio post may be optionally hidden or displayed.

Responsive Layout


Photographer boasts a fluid responsive layout — so your photography will display beautifully across mobile devices. Images and portfolios will scale up and down seamlessly when resizing the browser window. Whether viewing the photo blog on the phone, or presenting work to a client on a tablet, you can feel confident Photographer will maximize the viewing experience.

Home Page Template

Photographer features a Home Page Template that displays a slideshow of Featured Images from any post category specified in the Theme Options. In addition, you can optionally display a featured page and Widgets beneath the slideshow within the Theme Options.

Full Width Blog

Displaying large images in their full glory on the blog is a breeze! If you don’t want a sidebar with widgets on your blog — don’t add any. It’s that simple. The blog will look spectacular with or without widgets.

The Other Goodies

Many other goodies you’ve come to know and love with WordPress are also available with Photographer — including the Custom Header and Background, Custom Menus, Widgets, Full Width Page Template and more.

Using the Home Page Template?

Applying the Home Page Template to the front page of your site is simple!

  1. Create a Page, preferably titled “Home
  2. Set the Home Page Template within the Page Attributes
  3. Navigate to Settings > Reading within the Dashboard
  4. Choose the option to display a static page for the Front page
  5. Select your newly created “Home” page from the Front page drop down list. Note: The Posts page will display your posts in the blog format.
  6. Save the changes

You can manage the featured slideshow on the Home Page Template by following the instructions below. Additional options for displaying a featured page of your choice beneath the slideshow are available within the Theme Options.

How to create a featured slideshow?

Note: This only applies to the featured slideshow used for the Home Page Template.

  1. Create a Post
  2. Set a Featured Image for the Post
  3. Add a Category to the Post (e.g. Featured)
  4. Publish the Post
  5. Choose the Slideshow Category within the Theme Options

Using the Slideshow Page Template?

The Slideshow Page Template can be used to add a slideshow to any page.

  1. Create a Page
  2. Set the Slideshow Page Template within the Page Attributes
  3. Use the Add Media button from the page to add your Images to the Page library. Note: You do not need to insert the images in to the page. They will automatically be added to the slideshow.
  4. Publish the Page
  5. You may optionally display or hide the Page Title and Content for the Slideshow Page in the Theme Options

To remove images added to the Page library, click the Add Media button and click the Media Library link. Change the dropdown from “All media items” to “Uploaded to this page”. Delete the unwanted images from this view to remove them from this Slideshow Page.

How do I create a portfolio?

A portfolio page can be created using 2 methods, by adding a Category to the Custom Menu or using the Portfolio Page Template.

Using Categories:

Note: This option allows you to create as many portfolios as desired.

  1. Create a Post
  2. Add your Title and Content
  3. Set a Featured Image for the Post
  4. Add a Category to the Post (e.g. Landscapes)
  5. Publish the Post
  6. Repeat process as necessary
  7. Add the assigned Category to the Custom Menu
  8. The layout can be changed in Theme Options within Portfolio Category Layout setting
  9. You may optionally display or hide the Title and Excerpt within the Theme Options

Using the Portfolio Page Template:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 above
  2. Create a Page
  3. Set the Portfolio Page Template within the Page Attributes
  4. Choose the Portfolio Page Category in the Theme Options
  5. The layout can be changed in Theme Options within Portfolio Page Layout setting

Recommended Featured Image Sizes


Width: 900 pixels

Height: Variable, a maximum of 900 pixels


Width: 980 pixels

Height: Variable, a maximum of 640 pixels