Organization is a well rounded business theme that was created with non-profit organizations and eco-friendly companies in mind. The theme design is clean and professional, while the layout allows for a variety content to be featured on the home page template. Promoting your business or raising awareness for your cause is a breeze using Organization.

home_page_alternateFlexible Homepage Layout

Organization features a flexible Home Page Template layout. Display Posts, Pages, Featured Post Tabs, a Featured Content Slideshow with Featured Images or Custom Header on the home page. The variety of unique layout options can be configured to fit your needs.

In addition, the Logo, optional Footer Widgets and Social Media Links offer more flexibility — allowing you to Customize the theme layout to match your style and brand.

Responsive Layout

Organization boasts a fluid responsive layout — so the theme will display beautifully across mobile devices. Images, widgets and content will scale up and down seamlessly when resizing the browser window. Whether viewing the site on the phone, or presenting to a client on a tablet, you can feel confident Organization will maximize the viewing experience.

Page Templates

In addition to the Home Page Template, Organization offers a Full Width Template, Site Archives Template and a Three Column Template for displaying a sidebar on each side of your content. Page Templates can be applied in the Page Attributes.

The Other Goodies

Many other goodies you’ve come to know and love with WordPress are also available with Organization — including the Custom Header and Background, Custom Menus, optional Custom Design package and more!

Main Logo

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Customize
  2. Click “Theme”, then click to upload a new image under “Logo”
  3. Follow on-screen instructions. Note: Logo will replace site title text

Using the Home Page Template

Applying the Home Page Template to the front page of your site is simple!

  1. Create a Page, preferably titled “Home
  2. Set the Home Page Template within the Page Attributes
  3. Navigate to Settings > Reading within the Dashboard
  4. Choose the option to display a static page for the Front page
  5. Select your newly created “Home” page from the Front page drop down list
  6. Save the changes

Setting Up a Blog Page

Setting up a Blog Page is very similar to setting up a Home Page!

  1. Create a Page, preferably titled “Blog
  2. Navigate to Settings > Reading within the Dashboard
  3. You should already have the option to display a static page under “Front Page Displays”
  4. Select your newly created “Blog” page from the Posts page drop down list
  5. Save the changes

Homepage Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Featured Content
  2. Enter the name of a tag
  3. Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom

Once a tag name has been saved, posts having this tag will appear in the featured content section. You can specify an image to be displayed with each post by setting a featured image. The suggested size for featured images is 980 pixels wide and 520 pixels high.

Homepage Content

You can setup everything below the image gallery on the homepage via the Customize menu:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Customize
  2. Click on Theme on the right hand “Customize your blog” menu
  3. Choose the content you would like displayed for the corresponding areas: middle, news, and tabs. Note: A page must be set for all 3 content blocks before they will appear. Be sure to choose a page for the left, center, and right content blocks
  4. You may fill in any social media links here as well, and they will display in the footer
  5. Click the blue “Save” button

Three-Column Page Template

  • When creating a new page, choose “Three Column” under Page Attributes → Template
  • Be sure to add widgets to both “Left Sidebar” and “Right Sidebar” under Appearance → Widgets